Heirloom Spice Large Sachet

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Exuding the time-honored essence of a cherished keepsake, Heirloom Spice precisely layers crisp orchard apples with warming spices of clove and cinnamon. A blanketing of nutmeg shavings sift over creamed pumpkin and perfectly-cured tobacco, enriched by buttery caramel and plush apricot. A delicious coating of powdery, vanilla heliotrope and earthy musk lock in utterly entrapping qualities. Take this scent with you on the road or make it your at home scent by stashing a large sachet in your linen drawer or guest room. A large scented sachet from Greenleaf has a lifespan up to 4 months and as always, proceeds from each product you purchase at Greenleaf are donated to support organizations in the fight to end human trafficking.


Volume: 7.0 CU.IN/115ML
Greenleaf Candles 1975